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Kingfisher Puritan collar Blouse

Kingfisher Puritan collar Blouse

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(cm) F
Length 54.5
Shoulder Width 49.5
Chest Width 55.0
Sleeve Length 52.0

(inch) F
Length 21.0
Shoulder Width 19.0
Chest Width 21.5
Sleeve Length 20.0

material: Cotton 73%・Linen 27%

※This product's printed design is by hand totally. So each pcs should be different. Please kindly accept this.

※"TEBURI sewing" is a way of embroidery. A skilled artisan makes it with special sewing machine (moving only 1mm from side to side) by handling that sewing machine at will.
The figure is just like painting picture.

※Please be aware that the below size conversions are approximate. The information in this table may vary based on design, material, etc.

* Please read about size spec.