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With Persimmon tannin parts Engineer's Shirt

With Persimmon tannin parts Engineer's Shirt

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1st to 7th picture … Light Brown
8th to 18th picture … Gray

(cm) M L XL
Length 80.0 82.0 84.0
Shoulder Width 45.0 48.0 51.0
Chest Width 104.0 110.0 114.0
Sleeve Length 67.5 69.0 71.0

Shoulder Width18.019.020.0
Chest Width41.043.049.0
Sleeve Length26.574.028.0

material: Main material…Cotton 100%
Parts cloth…Polyester 60%・Cotton 40%

※Please be aware that the below size conversions are approximate. The information in this table may vary based on design, material, etc.

* Please read about size spec.